Scope of FEED is an advanced starting of engineering development; it includes the BEDP and activities to select the EPC contractor, Material Requisitions for Long Lead Items, Cost Estimation @ 10% accuracy.





  • Reduce the overall schedule by about 6-8 months due to the overlapping activities with PDP and MR for LLI & relevant technical alignment (ready for PO)
  • Profit generation due to amount of manhours
  • Give to LICENSEE the services needed to select the EPC Contractor
  •   ITB
  •   EPC bid tendering and evaluation
  • Accurate Cost estimate to challenge the EPC bids
  •  Support to EPC contractor during project implementation

These services are usually provided by PMC contractors (not always well qualified) at very expensive cost

Typical FEED main deliverables:

  • Deliverable as per BEDP
  • RAMS study
  • QRA and HAZOP
  • ITB for EPC contractors selection
  • +/-15 % Cost estimate
  • Major piping layout for large bore lines and process critical lines
  • Civil: MTO, quantities and prices list
  • Piping MTO (covering 60% of the final MTO)
  • Electrical and Instrumentation MTO
  • Material requisitions and Technical bid tabulation for Long Lead Items